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Incentivize users to complete on-chain actions, such as swap, mint, bridge, stake, or play. Tap into our plug-and-play incentive infrastructure and launch your smart-contract-based incentive program within 5 minutes, for free.

Customize payout parameters and triggers based on your product’s smart contract. No coding experience is required. Acquire and retain users sustainably. Only pay per conversion.

Music to your ears? Affi Network is committed to driving innovation and decentralization in the on-chain marketing universe. Watch this space.


Quickly digest all the important bits


  • Expand our platform to widen the market
  • Focus on achieving product market fit
  • Launch Staking and Governance features
  • View our roadmap here

V 1.0 Outcomes

  • Built a decentralized affiliate platform for NFTs
  • Received an audit report from Beosin
  • Received a 4.9/5 validation score from 1,735 voters
  • View our developments and vision here

Our Highlights

  • Joined Cointelegraph’s Accelerator Program
  • Featured on Start-in-Block Top100 list 2023
  • Partnered with Polygon Studios
  • View our full story and milestones here


  • Our NFT-based Web3 Marketing Club
  • Episodic educational X/Twitter spaces
  • Special perks and resources for members
  • Mint your membership here
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