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Affi Network is an affiliate marketing platform for NFTs that enables advertisers and publishers to collaborate on a commission basis.

For many decades, advertisers have struggled to seamlessly engage publishers on a commission basis. The many hurdles include manually generating referral codes or links, providing those codes to publishers, tracking sales, and attributing payments. Most campaigns collapse due to manual processes, inefficient data collection methods, and a lack of real-time capabilities.

The platform allows advertisers to create campaigns to promote their NFT collections on a self-serve basis, where advertisers can enter details such as payout parameters and deploy campaigns as a smart contract directly on the blockchain, using the platform's no-code smart contract builder. The product is free to use and only takes a transaction fee when there is a sale. Advertisers include NFT-based projects building in the categories of gaming, virtual worlds, memberships, and more.

Publishers from the network join campaigns by claiming their referral link and sharing it online. Upon each conversion (e.g. NFT sale), publishers receive their commission in real time and are able to cash it out. These publishers include youtubers, influencers, bloggers, publications, media, and any individual who would like to monetize their content, influence, or database.

The special aspect about this model is that many more publishers are able to earn. Instead of a brand allocating $10,000 to 50 influencers at $200 each and hoping for these 50 influencers to perform well, a brand can now allocate the $10,000 ad budget and say it wants to pay $25 per conversion. Not only does this allow the brand to become more sustainable, it allows many more publishers to benefit and purely based on the value that they can bring. As a result, more than 50 publishers can now join this campaign, publishers who perform well can earn a lot more than $200, and advertisers only pay for tangible results.

All transactions are verified on-chain and are publicly available. Advertisers and publishers both benefit from increased transparency. Transparency is the first step to combating ad-fraud; where scammers stole $81 billion of digital advertising budgets in 2022 and is projected to exceed $100 billion in 2023 (Statista, 2022). The team is committed to reducing ad-fraud by leveraging public blockchains, enforcing high security measures, and solving advertising objectives that are hard to crack.

Brandface, the studio behind Affi Network, previously created 2,500 influencer jobs through clients that include Decathlon, Stabilo, and HappyFresh. Affi Network’s mission is to exceed the 1-million-publishers-paid milestone and encourages community members to join the movement.