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Connect to Mumbai

Affi Network runs on polygon chain in order to interact with our dApp you need to setup polygon.

Set up Polygon Chain on Metamask

The easiest way to add Mumbai to your Metamask is to head to Mumbai , and on the bottom right corner, hit add to Metamask and follow the prompts.


Get some faucets

To test our dApp by yourself, you need some faucets. You can get some from

Connect Wallet

Visit our dApp and click on Connect Wallet and choose your favorite wallet.
Right now, we offer the choice between Metamask, Rainbow, Coinbase wallet or WalletConnect.


Sign message

You'll asked to sign a message with your wallet.
just to confirm your account ownership.


For security measures, we require to sign a message everytime you switch account within your wallet.


Congratulations you are now ready to use everything affi network has to offer!