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Our Story

It all started in 2019 when Brandface, a company registered in Singapore, set to become an agency, gain insight and use it to build a digital media product. In 2020, Brandface Innovation was launched as a tech-enabled influencer agency in Thailand to help brands manage nano-influencer marketing at scale. Brands were able to tap into hundreds of influencers at once. This solution excited advertisers as Brandface Innovation was the first in the country to focus on this niche. Large brands like Decathlon, Stabilo, HappyFresh and several others were clients, and those campaigns created over 2,500 influencer jobs.

Through this experience, Brandface learned firsthand that advertisers wanted to engage publishers on a performance basis instead of the existing ‘flat-fee’ model. Brands were asking to “pay per shoe sold” or “pay per IoT device sold.” It would have been challenging to build and scale this solution on web2 for several reasons. However, we found a way to do this for tokenized assets (e.g., NFTs). After gathering feedback and validation in 2022, Affi Network was born.

‘Affi’ comes from the word ‘affiliate’, and our goal is to build the world’s largest blockchain-based affiliate marketing platform that creates many paid opportunities for publishers.

We have chosen the honeybee as our mascot, a universal symbol of ethical virtues, such as diligence, sociability, purity, cleanliness, wisdom, and creativity. Honeybees work together in sync and are some of the most consistently hard-working animals in the world, reflecting the robust network we aim to build. We hope to make Affi Network home for millions of publisher bees! There are billions of advertising dollars which we hope to save!

Affi Network’s protocol will enable pay-per-sale advertising with on-chain verification. This model enables transparency and for all users to be risk-free. Something no Bee has ever seen!

We are building the first-of-its-kind hybrid between influencer and affiliate marketing on the blockchain. Every Bee can benefit from using Affi Network, from Advertisers, Publishers to even buyers!

We aim to make Affi Network a DAO, in which all token holders will have the right to vote and shape the platform in ways that could benefit Affi Bees. Everybody is welcome to join our colony as we grow and build Affi Network together. We are building and will build the next most significant innovation in the marketing space. We invite all Bees to shape the future of Web3 together and be a part of our Affi Bee Family!