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Create Campaign

Now you are logged in, click on Create Campaign.
The process to create a campaign is very easy and seamlessly.

Learn with video

Campaign creation flow

Campaign settings

To proceed with your campaign, we need some technical details from you.
Specifically, we require the network, NFT contract address, and the wallet address from where your NFTs will be sent. Additionally, please let us know the expected duration of your campaign.
We require campaign to run for a minimum of 30 days


We only support NFT contracts that comply with ERC1155 or ERC721 standards. If you are using a marketplace, we currently only offer support for OpenSea.


If your our system detected the OpenSea NFT Contract, you'll be asked to provide the Token ID. Learn how to find the NFT Token ID here.


Project details

This is your time to shine! Complete the details regarding your campaign.



Please select the stablecoin that you would like to use for funding your campaign. You can choose from USDT, USDC, or DAI.
After selecting the stablecoin, you can set the Cost of Acquisition, which will determine the minimum budget for your campaign.
Finally, you can adjust the split between Publisher Commission and Buyer Cashback.



Review your campaign details and make sure everything is correct.



It's time to get your campaign on-chain! First, deploy your smart contract.
Make sure you have MATIC. See where to get matic here.


Next, please provide your approval to transfer your selected stablecoin.
It is essential to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your stablecoin wallet to avoid encountering any error message during the transfer process.


On Affi Network Testnet you'll have the option to mint your selected stablecoin, you don't need to use any faucet.


Finally, fund your campaign.


Congratulations your campaign is live! You're all set!