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Who are they?

to get started as advertiser please visit publisher section.

Influencers & Content Creators

Content creators can distribute a unique affiliate link on social media to help grow their favorite projects. Anyone can join Affi Network, participate in campaigns, and monetize from conversions.

Online Publications

From part-time bloggers on medium, to professional business publications, anyone writing about NFT or blockchain can instantly include affiliate links in their articles and monetize from conversions.

Why use Affi Network?

Sell more, earn more.

A next-generation platform that helps publishers discover paid campaigns anonymously, join through smart contracts, and get paid instantly for generating conversions (e.g. NFT sale).


  • An abundance of campaigns to join and earn
  • Transparency and Secure transactions
  • Real-time payments once conversion is made
  • Additional Incentives for highest Publisher conversions
  • Low requirements to start earning


Join Affi Network as Publisher