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Who are they?

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NFT Projects

Existing and upcoming NFT projects; gamefi, virtual worlds, membership, utilities, other NFT assets, and many others will use Affi Network to attract new users to their apps.

Traditional Brands

Traditional brands launching new Web3 activations and experiences. Brands that have already explored include Coca Cola, Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, Pokemon, Gucci and many others.

Marketing Agencies

Both Web3-first projects and traditional brands tapping into Web3 engage agencies to support their growth. Agencies who include affiliate marketing in their marketing mix can benefit from Affi Network.

Why use Affi Network?

NFT Builders, welcome to your new marketing spaceship.

Tired of burning your money on marketing?

Our ad engine will blow your mind.

Enter Affi Network, a blockchain-based affiliate marketing platform for NFTs that enables advertisers to work with publishers on a pay-per-sale basis. Simply create an affiliate campaign for your NFT collection and list it on our dApp.

Publishers from our network join and earn a commission on the NFT sales that they can generate for your brand.


  • Control Cost of Acquisition (payout parameters)

  • Immediate access to a wide range of NFT publishers

  • Transparency and Secure transactions

  • Automatic Real-time payments

  • Additional Incentives for highest Advertiser conversions

  • Free to use (only pay when conversion is made)

  • Performance Tracking Dashboard


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