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beside incentives Staking another way of earning rewards $AFFI users.

AFFI token holders can benefit from staking their tokens for a 50% share of revenue earned by the platform.

Distribution of Revenue

  • 50% of all platform revenue, or 5% of all transaction fees, are distributed to token holders who are staking their AFFI tokens.

Calculations for share of Revenue distributed


Spending on Affi Network = $2,000,000 per month

Affi Network Revenue (10%) = $200,000

Revenue Sharing Pool (5%) = $100,000

Number of tokens staked = 1,000,000 AFFI

Share per AFFI Token = $100,000/1,000,000 AFFI = $0.1

If you are staking 20,000 AFFI, then you will receive $2,000 worth of AFFI per month

20,000 AFFI x $0.1 = $2,000

Claiming Revenue Share

Claiming Revenue share for your staked AFFI tokens can be claimed in real-time on our Staking Page. However it is advised to claim less frequent to save on gas fees.