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Revenue Model

Our revenue model is designed to ensure we have the resources to continue developing our platform, while also providing an opportunity for our token holders to earn a share of the platform revenue also. Here's a breakdown of how our revenue model works:

Affi Network's Revenue Model:

  • Affi Network earns a 10% fee on each conversion rewards paid out to affiliates
  • 50% of revenue goes to Affi Network's treasury for further development
  • 50% of revenue is used to buy $AFFI tokens to distribute to stakers in real-time

Staking Rewards:

  • Stakers receive $AFFI tokens in real-time as a share of the revenue generated by Affi Network
  • The amount of $AFFI tokens stakers receive is proportional to the amount of $AFFI tokens they have staked

Our revenue model is designed to be sustainable and beneficial for all stakeholders. This ensures ongoing growth and success for our platform, while also providing incentives for community participation. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, we aim to create a valuable and lasting experience for all involved in the journey.