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$AFFI Token

Token Allocation

AllocationAFFI SupplyWeight (%)TGE UnlockLock-upVesting (Linear)
Private Sale 11,250,0001.25%-6 months24 months
Private Sale 213,750,00013.75%-6 months24 months
Public Sale5,000,0005%25%-3 months
Advisors2,000,0002%-6 months24 months
Airdrops1,000,0001%-1 month6 months
Liquidity5,000,0005%50%-12 months
Partners3,000,0003%-3 months24 months
Incentives30,000,00030%-1 month60 months
Reserves7,000,0007%-6 months24 months
Team12,000,00012%-6 months36 months
Brandface10,000,00010%-6 months36 months
Treasury10,000,00010%-3 months36 months

Token Vesting Schedule



TGE - Token Generation Event, the act of generating a token to a blockchain based network and launching it to the market.

TGE Unlock - The amount of tokens that will be released during the token generation event.

Lock-up - A time period in which tokens cannot be exchanged or traded.

Vesting - The process of locking and distributing tokens within a certain time frame. This is to prevent the tokens from all being released into the market at once. Linear vesting means that the distribution will be in equal parts every month.