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Tech Stack is proudly built on top of open-source technologies.
This section lists every technology inside the ecosystem we use and our reason behind it.
Languages used: TypeScript, Solidity, Bash, SQL, CSS3, HTML5


  • TypeScript (less bug slip to prod, better IDE intelligence)
  • React (because web3 forces us :D )
  • Next.js (the most significant player in the framework on top of react)
  • Chakra UI (fantastic opensource JSX design system)
  • Rainbowkit (wallet connection)
  • Siwe (rules and laws to sign in with your wallet)
  • Ethers.js (excellent Ethereum client)
  • Supabase (our open-source backend provider)
  • PostgreSQL (our choice of database)
  • Sentry (our choice of error monitoring solution)


  • TypeScript
  • Moralis (cross-chain indexing)

For stuff like Robot, if we stick to its approach, we might change it to a compiled language to add a layer of extra security.

For more information about contracts, please visit the RoboAffi section.

Main web (blog, docs, landing)

  • TypeScript
  • Docusaurus (open source docs system backed by meta)
  • ReactJS
  • Markdown (best content language)


  • Solidity (for the love of EVM)
  • Solmate (audited and excellent building blocks of the contract)
  • Mythril (to test security)
  • Slither (to test more security)
  • Foundry (to look fabulous! and also better testing and forging)

For more information about contracts, please visit the Contracts section.

Cloud/Tech Providers

  • Vercel
  • DigitalOcean
  • Github
  • Sentry